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Lakeland Slip And Fall Attorney

Lakeland Slip And Fall Attorney

Slip and falls, especially in public places, lead to embarrassment as well as to lasting injuries with painful consequences that persist for years. Whether you slipped in a puddle of water at the mall, tripped on uneven pavement or fell down a flight of poorly-maintained stairs, our Lakeland slip and fall attorney wants you to know how to obtain substantial and fair compensation.

Common Causes of Fall Accidents in Florida

Slip and fall accidents hit elderly Americans hard. According to the Centers for Disease Control, emergency rooms treated approximately 2.5 million adults for nonfatal falls just in 2013. Many different factors increase the likelihood of these accidents, including:

  • Wet floors
  • Hidden holes
  • Uneven ground
  • Dim lighting
  • Obstacles in pathways
  • Poorly maintained structures or equipment

If a preventable factor contributed to your slip and fall, seek compensation from the property owner, landlord or some other responsible party (or an insurance company representing the liable party) for your medical bills, lost wages, therapy costs and other losses related to the accident.

The Consequences of a Bad Fall

Slip and falls occur everywhere, from construction sites to retail stores. Depending on the nature of the fall and condition at the time of the accident, falls cause:

  • concussions,
  • broken bones,
  • bruising
  • internal bleeding
  • and long term soft tissue injuries.

Even after victims heal from the initial effects of an accident, chronic pain and decreased physical function persist, sometimes causing depression and mental health issues and creating additional challenges for those already battling chronic illnesses or disabilities.

What Happens in a Slip and Fall Case?

In Florida, a claimant in a slip and fall case must prove that another person’s negligence directly or proximally caused an injury. In other words, a responsible party, who had been obligated to consider and look out for the safety of others, failed to maintain the premises, and this carelessness then caused harm to someone. At essence, that’s all a slip and fall case is. However, the simplicity of this description belies a lot of legal complexity. For instance, a building owner owes different duties of care to different types of visitors. A customer and a trespasser both have certain rights, but the customer’s rights are broader.

You also need to pinpoint the exact cause(s) of the fall in order to determine liability. Sometimes, plaintiff blame a third party, like a cleaning company or a construction crew. For instance, perhaps the janitorial staff in charge of cleaning a building’s lobby spilled soapy water on the front steps, precipitating an injurious tripping incident.

Damages Awarded in a Slip and Fall Case

Damages awarded in slip and fall cases include compensation for medical expenses, such as rehabilitation and surgery; pain and suffering; emotional distress; and loss of work time.

Some states, including Florida, operate under a comparative negligence law, meaning that the court distributes liability among parties. If the court determines that you contributed to your injury, it will decrease any damages awarded. The difference between your being able to obtain substantial compensation to pay for a series of surgeries or not hinges on these types of subtle legal nuances. Your choice of attorney matters. Choose a team with lots of experience and a great track record in cases similar to yours. At Rivas Law Group, our Lakeland slip and fall attorney is a sympathetic advocate to protect our clients’ rights and fight to get them fairly compensated.

Slip and Fall Injury FAQs

What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Injury?

Although no one ever expects that they’ll be injured in a slip and fall accident, it’s important to know what steps you should take to give yourself the best chance of recovering compensation for your medical expenses and suffering.

Seek medical attention.
Get the contact information of anyone who saw you fall.
Let the property owner know about your accident.
Take pictures.
Call an accident attorney.

Learn more about what you should do after a slip and fall injury in Florida.

How Long Does a Slip and Fall Accident Case Take?

As you are recovering from a slip and fall accident, your personal injury attorney will be investigating your claim. They will obtain police reports, witness statements, medical reports, and any other forms of evidence. They will review all available facts and statements, and file a lawsuit.

This can take days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the case. Read more about the length of a personal injury case.

Lakeland Slip and Fall Attorney Discusses Steps to Take Immediately after a Fall – Get Help Now!

First, take care of your urgent medical needs. Document all the care that you receive, and collect other information from the scene, including pictures of any injuries or of the place where you fell, witness accounts, and police reports. Avoid speaking with any insurance company representative before you’ve had a chance to find and speak with a trustworthy lawyer. Your attorney will investigate the accident and seek appropriate compensation. Preserve the compelling evidence you may need to build a strong case.

Our experienced personal injury firm, Rivas Law Group provides thorough, unbiased and strategic analyses of these types of accidents. Call us now at (877) 299-5539 to schedule a free consultation with the team.

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