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Property Damage Attorney Lutz

Lutz Property Damage Attorney

Property damage of any kind is distressing. When there is a property damage dispute with your insurance company, it only adds to the stress and inconvenience of the damage that already occurred.

The insurance claim dispute lawyers at Rivas Law Group are ready to fight for your rights and ensure you get a fair recovery. Don’t let insurance companies get the best of you.

Our highly skilled Lutz property damage attorneys are here to defend you when insurance companies try to:

  • Deny valid claims
  • Undervalue a claim
  • Delay a claim payment
  • Threaten policy cancellation

Property Damage: Legal Definitions

Legally, property damage is defined by injury or destruction to real or personal property through another person’s negligence, intentional destruction, or by some act of nature.

Property is classified as anything you own, from personal property – like vehicles, boats, furniture, and collectables – to real estate. It also includes beneficial and legal ownership of your rights and interests, such as such as intellectual property.

Damage is the quantitative amount of harm or loss suffered after there is injury to property, person, or reputation. In other words, it is the monetary amount an individual deserves to be paid for their injury or loss.

Recovery refers to the amount of money, rights, and/or property awarded to an individual that suffered injury.

The amount of recovery for property damage is established by evidence of replacement value, cost of repairs, loss of use until repaired/replaced or, in the case of heirlooms or personal items, by subjective testimony as to sentimental value. In some cases, a specialist needs to evaluate property.

Property Damage Insurance Claims

The following instances of property damage may be covered by your standard auto and homeowners’ insurance:

  • Acts of nature, including: winds, hurricanes, storms, flooding, rain, or lightening
  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Damage from HVAC
  • Mildew or toxic mold
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Damage to vehicle

Standard auto and homeowners’ policies often exclude:

  • Earthquake damage
  • Mudslide damage
  • Sinkholes
  • Nuclear disasters
  • Sewer flooding
  • Damage due to construction or zoning
  • Intentional property damage

Property Damage Dispute Process

If you have always made your policy payments and complied with your insurance company’s requirements, you are likely shocked and confused that your insurance company is disputing your claim.

Unfortunately, this type of thing happens often and should not be taken personally. Insurance companies are always looking for ways to save money, and delaying or denying your claim is just one strategy.

Regardless how valid your claim is, your insurance company may try to challenge parts of your case to reduce the amount of money they need to pay out. Common tactics for avoiding settlements include:

  • Stalling the process to wear the victim down, so they accept a lesser settlement
  • Requesting unnecessary documentation
  • Asking for information already provided
  • Tiring arguments

These tactics are unfair and wrong. Victims should never be subjected to such behavior.

Get Help From an Experienced Property Damage Attorney

Lutz property damage attorney Tania L. Rivas is here to defend your rights and get you the settlement you deserve. The team at Rivas Law Group has years of experience winning insurance claim disputes against insurance companies that try to manipulate victims and evade paying claims they rightfully should.

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